How it Works

Our Streamlined Life Settlement Process
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Need For Speed?


Golden Bridge is uniquely positioned to quickly make decisions and (if it makes sense) make an offer to buy your policy.

If you accept our offer, we expect to be able to get the money to you within 45 days from when you get us the completed application (timing requirements vary by case).

All Types & Sizes

Do you have a term policy with only a $25,000 death benefit? We are still interested in making an offer.


Do you have a $100,000 permanent policy with a loan on it of $18,000?  No problem, we are interested in making an offer. 


Do you have a $250,000 permanent policy on which the life insurance company has already paid half ($125,000) of that out to you as an “accelerated death benefit”? That’s OK, too; we are still interested!