Do you own a life insurance policy that you no longer need or can no longer afford?

  • Do you need the money now more than your children do?
  • Do you need money to pay for medical care, at-home care, assisted living or a nursing home?
  • Must you “spend-down” your life insurance policy in order to qualify for Medicaid?
  • Did you purchase your life insurance policy to cover estate taxes that will no longer be due because of higher federal exemptions?
  • Is your term insurance policy about to lapse? Or perhaps more important, is the conversion feature on your term policy about to lapse?
  • Does your permanent insurance policy have minimal or zero cash surrender value?

Here’s an idea… You may be able to sell your life insurance policy. Something new? Not really. But still, most have not heard about this financial option.

Golden Bridge Funding is a buyer of life insurance policies. If we buy your policy, you may use the funds in any way that you need or like.

If you qualify, we will pay you a lump-sum cash payment greater than the cash surrender value of the policy, if there is any.

It will cost you nothing to find out if your policy has value.

Your policy may be worth a lot, even if it has no cash surrender value. The cash surrender value is what the life insurance company will pay you if you surrender the policy back to them, using your own money that you have saved within that policy. Other factors are more important to us than the cash surrender value.

  • Face amount of the policy, (the “death benefit”);
  • Premiums we will have to pay going forward;
  • Your age and health status.

CONFIDENTIALITY. All personal information provided to us is protected by law. We only use it for the limited purpose of making you an offer on your policy, and to buy and manage it if you decide to accept our offer. We are required to treat this information confidentially – and we do.

WE ARE NOT A BROKER. We are licensed as direct buyers. Our decisions are firm. You are under no obligation to sell and we will not put the hard-sell on you. The process is honest and straightforward. If you have owned your policy for at least two years, it can be legally sold.

For a consultation or no-obligation quote on your policy please call us at (973) 275-1110 or fill out the form on our Request a Quote page.


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